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Dear: Kelsey, Larissa and Dav :o)

I've decided to re-create this journal out from the dust it's been under.

I mean, I started it as a private journal to share with Kelsey and Larissa. I know I still have that for "Sibrastars" - I still post there, mainly things like ranting and venting (though neither of you might know that).

This journal is going to be friends-only from now on, and it will be for Kelsey, Larissa and hopefully Dav, too. (Sorry, Dav. There are some things I can't share with boys... hence the choice to make "Sibrastars" just for Kels and Lar).

Anyway, I'm back. I really just figure it's a waste of a good username and journal for me to NOT post here. I'm probably going to delete a bunch of my old LJs sometime soon.

... Hello!


I love you for needing earplugs when I'm sleeping over.


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I found my favourite old hat - the one I used to stuff my hair into while I was writing, because of my annoying, fidgety, nervous habit of combing my fingers through it when I'm anxious. 
(Actually, my Mom found it... but still, it's finally back!)

Which Neopets Faerie Are You?

result image

You are a fire faerie! Both mischiveous and energetic, you love to play pranks and play games. You are outgoing and impulsive, with a quick temper and a warm heart. Fire faeries are tough in a battle.

You love to make yourself beautiful. You're determined to achieve your goal. You want to help others when they're in trouble.


result image

You love nature and wish to recycle...here is your image! You are loving on the inside but strong on the outside.

My Topics:

Evolution of Neopets Fae

Faerie Old Air Faerie Old Uber Air Faerie Newer Air Faerie Newer Uber Air Faerie
Dark Faerie Old Dark Faerie Old Uber Dark Faerie Newer Dark Faerie Newer Uber Dark Faerie
Earth Faerie Old Earth Faerie Old Uber Earth Faerie Newer Earth Faerie Newer Uber Earth Faerie
Fire Faerie Old Fire Faerie Old Uber Fire Faerie Newer Fire Faerie Newer Uber Fire Faerie
Light Faerie Old Light Faerie Old Uber Light Faerie Newer Light Faerie Newer Uber Light Faerie
Water Faerie Old Water Faerie Old Uber Water Faerie Newer Water Faerie Newer Uber Water Faerie

Now, they're more like...

My Topics:


I am passionate about KT Tunstall and her passion for music, tigers and two-string guitars ♥

Besides, seriously, how many famous people will have teeny tiny concerts like this one?

Her Name Was Rachelle Lefevre...

... and she had the most incredible hair that this girl has ever seen!

And, oh! How the young girl PINED for hair that awesome! :P
I wish my hair could curl from the top instead of going down straight then starting into spirals and stuff. Not that I'm really complaining about my hair, 'cause I love it... I'm just mildly jealous is all.
More Pictures Under Here!Collapse )

Memory Foooam!

I'm really tipsy from tonight (Kelsey's parents birthday party). But I'm not totally out of it. My entire body feels numb, though, which I do not like. My lips, hands and legs feel so messed up right now.

The highlights of my night were:
1) This one woman with black hair had a leafy shirt and braids in her hair and it was beautiful.
2) I got to see Kathryn, which was nice because I haven't seen her in ages.
3) Kelsey, of course.
4) Kelsey's comfy bed with memory foam.
5) Meeting Kelsey's cousin, Shiela, who has an amazing name.
6) Red wine and coke mixed together.
7) The little salmon and mustard-sauce sandwiches that were served.
8) Seeing Mel, who is definitely my mentor.
9) All the jokes made about Phil's talent (drinking a full bear in 1.3 seconds)
10) The moment that I warned Chris that the red peppers filled with goat cheese were spicy, and he didn't believe me so he ate some. Cut to his face going all O____O!!!!!!!!!! as he realized that, yes, they were spicy.
11) Kelsey and Chris playing with kitty ♥
12) The carbon monoxide alarm going off.
13) Kitty with Kelsey's glasses on.
14) Shiela laughing the same way as Kelsey.
15) Seeing Kathryn take pictures all the time, trying to get a lot of candids.

It FINALLY happened...

... One of my Neopet's accounts actually got frozen! The hilarious part is that I'm not even sure what its name was - I just remember the Neopet being called "Aeriaxess".
So in the spirit of Neopets - despite them freezing me - here is a list of my favourite Neopets of all time. Not in any particular order... I think.

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